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Friday Jul 01, 2022

The season one recap you've all been waiting for! We've compiled our favourite moments from Season One in no particular order 🤫
💥Ozzy Man Reviews - Ozzy Man reviews a Survivor segment 
💥DT38 - Tracylee Tombides - Dylan's Story
💥Tash Peterson - #vganbooty
💥Ocean Heroes - How long can you hold your breath?
💥Mark Wales - What award would Toki get if he was in the army? 
💥Ben Polson - We all know who the real golden god is 😉
💥Zach Kozyrski - Is vodka Russian or Polish?
💥Dr Adelaide Withers & Nathan Charles - PCHWA say it to me... 
💥Janelle Koenig - Seriously tongs to hold up a mic?
💥Do they really have an X-RAY machine at the zoo...
💥Locky Gilbert - Is Locky a hero or a villain?
💥Designer cheese sausage - That boujee life
💥Grin Reapers - Greens and CO.. 
💥Can you have more than ONE lucky number?
💥 Tracy Vo - Will the Rock be the next US President?
We would like to thank all our amazing guests for joining us this season and a big thank you to all our followers, new followers and friends for tuning in to season one. We can't wait to bring you an EPIC season two!
BIG SHOUT OUT to our partners at COH Digital for producing our podcast. 
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Friday Jun 17, 2022

And we're back for one last time for season 1!
Are you new to Who Authorised This? It's a podcast hosted by a couple of legends, our favourite ICONIC DUO, Luke Toki & David Genat.
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Friday May 27, 2022

What to expect in Episode 15
What do you mean Dave's not in the studio?
Do you always wear sunnies inside?
Luke hosts the podcast alongside the amazing Janelle Koenig & Zach Kozyrski
Who did you vote for in the recent election? HOLD UP YOU CAN'T TELL US!
Luke Toki, your residential real estate agent!!
Monkey box or Monkeypox? - Ahhh who cares it's Janelle's new nickname
Introducing our new guest Zach Kozyrski, Survivor ALL-STARS contestant and a prominent member of the all-boys alliance
Luke FINALLY goes deep and opens up about his birth dad and their relationship. 20 years after not seeing him - getting that call and being reunited 
King of The Jungle & shaving his balls...
Do you believe in UFOS or aliens... Zach does and he believes he has seen a UFO. We call it a drone ;) 
Big shout out to the fabulous Janelle Koenig & amazing Zach Kozyrski for coming on the podcast. Dave may lose his job after this episode airs😉
🎙Presented by COH Digital the H is silent 🤫 

Friday May 20, 2022

What to expect on Episode 14:
David's STILL a vegan
The fabulous Janelle Koenig joins the lads
Seriously Perth, tongs to hold up a microphone?
Who throws a party bus party for a 13 year old? Janelle does...
Janelle's trip to the US doesn't go as planned
Steam pork bun
Comedy show success
Do you think David would make a good comedian?  
Big shout out to the fabulous Janelle Koenig for coming on the podcast. It was a barrel of laughs... To keep up with this amazing woman head to Janelle's Facebook page... 
Janelle Koenig Facebook Page

Friday May 13, 2022

🥊A big thank you to our episode sponsor Lords Recreation Centre. Lords is located in the heart of Subiaco and is running a super special for the month of May. For as little as $1 a day for the month of May you can enjoy all the centre has to offer. For more information head to www.lords.com.au
What to expect in episode 13:
Ben Polson our special guest on freaky Friday
Are you an all-in type of person or do you like to do things steadily
Ninja Warrior, how far would you go in the competition
Ben opens up about his struggles in high school and bullying
Who is the TRUE golden god?
Brown Lighting, Danger Boy, and White Lighting - what do these names all mean?
What would you sell to your super fans?
Big shout out to the legend Ben Polson for coming on the podcast. It was a barrel of laughs... Check out Ben's epic workout & fitness videos via the link below!
Ben Echo aka Ben Polson - YouTube Channel

Friday May 06, 2022

What to expect in episode 12:
12 is ACTUALLY David's favourite number
Tash's beginnings and her vegan journey 
RSPCA protest 
Negative media reporting, where does it end! 
Have you heard about the Oatley process? Is it too hard to be 100% vegan at all times?
Tash's family rally behind her in particular her mum.
How did V-gan BOOTY come about? and who is Issac Butterfield.
Farmer or Bully? - Royal Show protest goes horribly wrong
Have you ever punched a cow?
Ladies & gents our very own Grammy award winner Luke Toki 
Big thank you to Tash for coming in and having a great chat about her journey, the future she hopes for and educating us. 
You rocked! 

Friday Apr 29, 2022

What to expect in Episode 11:
Dogs or horses? Do you bet? - What's your magic number?
Where do you draw the line when it comes to endorsements and sponsorships?
David declares war on Luke after he catches him out...
Anzac Day services and we pay our respects
Should Australia legalise marijuana use?
Mike Tyson and vaping... 
Old people on social media. Is that a thing?
Let's address the elephant in the room, Mark Wales LATE! 
The people's champ and no we're not talking about the Rock... Australian Survivor Champion FINALLY joins the lads in the Studio - Mark Wales ladies & gents 
A big thank you to Mark for coming into the studio and having a chat with the guys. He is an absolute legend and if you haven't already, head over to his website and buy his book!! 
Link below!
Survivor by Mark Wales
🎙 Presented by COH Digital the H is silent 🤫 

Friday Apr 22, 2022

Anthony Albanese, Jimmy Barnes, Clive Palmer back to Albo
Can you smelllll what the Rock is cooking?? - Will he run for President of the US or will Kayne "YE" make a comeback | we throw a bit of Trump talk in 
The fabulous Tracy Vo joins the lads in the studio
Tracy talks about reporting on Chloe Smith
Tracy discusses some of the stories she has covered, her colleagues and her experiences
Schapelle Corby
Her biggest story - The Death of Nelson Mandela
Getting arrested in Fiji
Did you know Tracy had to destroy footage but her camera man did the bait and switch
Luke brings up Liam Bartlett in Solomon Island
David asks serious question about journo integrity these days. Why do they report on tweets?
What it's like being a woman in media and Vietnamese, does gender bias still exist?  
Racism, Underbelly, Tracy Grimshaw and Liam Bartlett
Anchorman - Surely one of the greatest movies of our time? “Stay classy, San Diego.”
Tracy's book - Small Bamboo
We want to say a huge thank you to the amazing & talented Tracy Vo for joining the lads on this weeks podcast. Tracy is one hell of a woman! Do yourselves a favour and purchase Tracy's book. You can find the link below!
Small Bamboo - How My Family's Journey on a Leaky Boat Led to Our Wonderful Life in Australia
Are you enjoying our podcast? We'd love to hear your thoughts. You can find us on all social platforms PLUS YouTube. We have some exciting guests coming up, including a new website.
Do you have a guest you want on the show? Drop us a comment and we'll work our magic! 
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Friday Apr 15, 2022

Welcome to our new studio digs... We wind back the clock to episode 1 and bring you on a journey with our favourite duo
Luke gets some medical results & shocks David
SOUNDBOARDS!!! Yay or Nay? 
David interviews Luke... Have you ever fainted RANDOMLY?
Have you ever mentioned a product or place and BOOM it shows up on your phone?
Luke & Mary's love story💗
Ghost stories... Do you believe in ghosts? 👻
Luke shares what he did with his Go Fund me funds
Are you enjoying our podcast? We'd love to hear your thoughts. You can find us on all social platforms PLUS YouTube. We have some exciting guests coming up, including a new website.
Do you have a guest you want on the show? Drop us a comment and we'll work our magic! 
🎙️Presented by COH Digital - the H is silent 🤫

Friday Apr 08, 2022

What to expect in Episode 8️⃣
Will Smith Slap goes VIRAL! - What would you do if your man or woman gave you the side eye?  
The Grin Reapers duo join the lads in the studio - Chris White or Whitey, from Tension and stand up comedian Brian Shields aka Buddah.
David reveals his ancestry results... APPARENTLY he's got no Italian bloodline after all.... OH NO!! 
Will Smith AGAIN - have you slapped someone before? OR spat in a 4 year olds face?
The big CHLOE reveal... What??? She's not your social media manager?? - Boys get pranked by the Grin Reapers Duo
Reality TV and the pressures behind it
TENSION 11 is on its way!!! YEAHH THE BOYS 
Greens & CO gets a rebrand
Quote from the podcast for all our people:
"Be yourself, everyone has scars but staying authentic is what matters"
A big thank you to Buddah & Whitey for coming into the studio and having a chat with the guys. You guys are absolute legends! If you haven't already, head over to their podcast and have a listen.
Link below!


Who Authorised This?

The most EPIC, UNSCRIPTED new podcast series!
The podcast is hosted by the iconic duo of Luke Toki & David Genat. Two names that are familiar to 10,000’s across Australia especially those reality TV buffs.
Luke & David are going to take you on a journey filled with plenty of laughs, breaking news stories, and plenty of banter. Nothing too serious but very serious all at the same time. If it's controversial, YOU best believe they’re going to talk about it.
You will not want to miss an episode 🎧
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